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        ABOUT US
        Ningbo Shitai Plastic Mould Co.; Ltd.

        Ningbo Shitai Plastic Mould Co.; Ltd. is founded in 2005, we are a professional manufacturer in the sophisticated mould design and manufacture, as well as plastic injection and moulding production. We are specialized in moulding, production and assembly about automobile, home appliance, electronics and precision products. During years of development,our company has won high reputation from customers in domestic, American and European market.

        Our company is located in Ningbo Yuyao Economic development Zone, covers an area of 17000 square meters with 18000 square meters workshop. It is only 20 km away from Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Ningbo Port. Furthermore, ...

        Mold displayProduct center
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        Address:Zhejiang city Yuyao Province
        Zip code:315400
        Copyright?(Sino-foreign joint venture)Ningbo Shitai Plastic Mould Co.; Ltd..All right reseved. Design by:samson
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